Il a fallu beaucoup insister pour que l'OSCE finissent par reconnaître la présence de tanks ukrainiens à Adveevka, en violation des accords de Minsk. Ce qui n'empêche pas l'Ukraine de tranquillement continuer son offensive dans le silence complice de l'Occident.

L'OSCE est censé assurer le monitoring du cessez-le-feu dans le Donbass et notamment de bien vérifier que l'artillerie lourde, les tanks et blindés sont rangés au garage loin de la ligne de fr...

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L'OSCE regarde les tanks ukrainiens à Avdeevka Il a fallu beaucoup insisté pour que l'OSCE finissent par reconnaître la présence d...
russiepolitics.blogspot.com|Par Karine Bechet-Golovko

NATO is trying to push Donald Trump into a war with Russia (VIDEO)

Per usual, US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are leading the charge.

Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley used her first appearance before the UN Security Council to condemn Russia for the renewed violence in eastern Ukraine.

What were the “aggressive actions of Russia”? She did not say. Does she accuse Russia of another “invasion” of Ukraine, as Obama’s mouthpieces endlessly claimed without proof? What exactly did she mean?

But things got even stranger…

Haley went on to tell the Security Council that US sanctions on Russia would not be lifted until Crimea returned to Ukraine – contrary to what her boss (POTUS Trump) has said in the past.

While Ambassador Haley blames the Russians for the renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine, the real cause is coming from two usual suspects – two Republican Senators to be more exact.

Fighting in eastern Ukraine began flaring up again shortly after a New Year’s Day visit to the front lines by non other than Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, where the two Senators encouraged the Kiev forces to renew their war against the Donbass.

Below is a video from that New Year’s trip of McCain and Graham, shown encouraging the Ukrainian troops to attack the Ru